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This was such a great experience, the stone people were so interesting i couldn't stop looking at them. I really wish there was more lore to this gem of a game. Really well done.

I made a video on your game if you would like to give it a watch :)

Really nice game. Personally I really liked placing a real world location, that is well known to me, in a game. Kind of another level of experience.

Very strange and creepy game. Great work! 

Im not able to click the start button only the exit button

Has a really relaxing vibe and atmosphere. Playtime is ~7 minutes.

My playthrough: 


My thoughts on the game:

  • Probably the best atmosphere and vibe I've experienced in a while.
  • The music and ambience is top notch.
  • I wish there were puzzles.

Overall, I really enjoyed the relaxing creepy experience.

Great atmosphere.

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I beat the game in under a minute.

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The video is literally right there, plus it's verified on


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This was an interesting horror game about being trapped in an alternate universe and trying to find the way back home. This was a really cool horror game as the main character wanders around this dark and strange park that appears to hold many secrets and monsters that need the main character's help. I liked the design of the environment for the game and the design of the characters in the game as well. The visual design of the portal and the environment were aesthetically pleasing so I enjoyed the experience of walking around the map. They all looked really cool and really added on to the dark and creepy atmosphere that the game brings out. 

It would be cool if there was more elaboration on the horrors of the park as I was pretty confused as to why do I help the demons/monsters get stuff before reaching the end of the game XD. Also, the map was really useful in figuring the way around the park so I am really glad that the map existed.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Actually except for the skeleton, those were higher angels described in the Bible. For me they really added to the apocalyptic atmosphere of the game.